Project name : MANEGE KIRŞEHİR
Location : KIRŞEHİR
Client : Kırşehir Municipality
Year : 2015
Construction Year : 2016
Total Construction Area : 7.000 M2

Located in Kırşehir, in a more specific sense, the project aims to popularize equitation, which has historical roots in Kırşehir and its hinterland, and to raise athletes in this area of sports, yet in a more general way, the project has purposes like contributing to the urban life and culture and improving the environmental consciousness of people.

The project has a total of 6838 M2 construction area and has a 4000 M2 outdoor manege which is suitable for both city-wide and national competitions.

There are 20 boxes and there is an infrastructure providing all facilities that can be necessary for the grooming of the horses.

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